Features Of The Connected Reminder

An appointment, a great store, your parking spot...You just need to click once and Yuzzit will save and store everything in your Yuzz.it app

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Record a voice memo

Thanks to its integrated microphone and its 40 seconds memory capacity, Yuzzit lets you record a shopping list, a birth date, the name of a book or movie...
Yuzzit writes it for you !

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Save your current location

Memorize an infinite number of locations (your parking space, a great bar, a shop...). They will be automatically saved in your Yuzz.it app.

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Recognize a song

The microphone lets you recognize the music you are listening, the TV show your are watching and play the 45-second replay in the app

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Find my keys

Lost your keys ? Check out the Yuzz.it app menu to see the last know GPS location where it was detected to find it, then ring your Yuzzit when you are nearby.

Tag your life

Yuzzit is more than just a connected reminder, its also a voice recorder, a location tagging device, a music recognition device.

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Everything about yuzzit

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Light & Ergonomic

18g only ! Easy to use even at a movie in the dark !

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Bluetooth Low Energy

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Power supply

1 Button Cell CR2032 = 12 months of autonomy

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iOS 9+ / Android 4.4+
Not compatible with : Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy note 2, Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Wiko Ozzy

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frequently asked questions
Help - FAQ

Need help using your Yuzz.it ?
Here are the most frequently asked questions

1. Check Bluetooth is activated

2. Check that you hear a « bip » when you click on the Yuzzit button. If not, you should change the battery.

3. Make sure your smartphone is compatible with Yuzzit.
List of incompatible smartphones : Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.
Not compatible with Android >= 4.4, iOS >= 9.0

iPhone : swippe to the left and click « delete ».

Android : go to detailed view of your Yuzz and click at the top of your screen (…) and select « delete » option.

Take a picture within 60 seconds after or before you create your Yuzz. Your photo will be automatically added to your Yuzz.

Alternatively, if you have an iphone : click « add picture » and follow the instructions.
If you have an Android smartphone : select « + add a picture » and follow the instructions.

iPhone : select Yuzz you want to share and click the share button (upper right of the screen). You can share by SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook etc...

Android : select Yuzz you want to share (…) upper right of your screen and choose « share ».

iPhone : go to settings and notifications. Look for Yuzz.it and deactivate notifications.

Android : go to parameters and notifications. Select Yuzz.it app and deactivate notifications.

For more information, you may download the user guide, watch our tutorial, or contact us.

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